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The General Director of Global Media Company,
The Head of the Office in Murmansk








Tatiana Danilova was born in Arkhangelsk.


After her successful graduation from the 9th Arkhangelsk comprehensive school, she has entered the Institute of the Soviet Trade in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Later in 1984, after she has obtained brilliant education and has successfully defended diploma, she returned to Arkhangelsk.


Job offers didn’t take long to appear. The positions occupied by Tatiana Danilova, which included the store manager of “Electronica”, and later the deputy general manager of Arkhangelsk bakery plant, have always required responsibility and necessity to make instantaneous decisions. This experience of the professional and powerful manager will have a positive effect in the future promotion track of Tatiana Danilova in essentially different form of activity.


In the mid-90’s Tatiana Danilova makes decision to change cardinally her profession and she moves to work in the mass media. The seminars, trainings and the wish to work turn Tatiana Danilova into a great expert in the sphere of the marketing and management in the media.


Starting from 1996 Tatiana Danilova occupies the managing positions in the leading and the most influential periodicals of the Arkhangelsk region: “Pomorskaya stolitsa” ("Pomor Capital"), “Itogi” ("The Results") and also in the Arkhangelsk Television Company.


Tatiana Danilova experiences no personal contact problems either with the public agents and with the big business representatives or with the ordinary citizens. She is creative. Possessing competent and rich language, a natural intuition and a talent to convince, she tries herself in PR and in the sphere of the strategic communications. Large projects implementation in the sphere of Government Relations, successful election campaigns in the representative government bodies of different levels – these are results of her tireless activity. She becomes irreplaceable in the capacity of the campaign headquarters manager and her work is only targeted at the purpose achievement.


In addition to that, Tatiana Danilova has a rich experience in the commercial and PR-campaigns conducting; she is experienced in the management of the advertizing and PR-services of the well-known publishing houses. During many years she has been taking part in the organization of the high-rating social and political magazines publication.


At the current moment Tatiana Danilova is a general director of Global Media consulting agency, and a well-known business consultant with a great experience of work in the spheres of the public relations development and the strategic communication consulting. The operational experience in the PR sphere and strategic communications is more than 15 years. Tatiana Danilova is a great and devoted friend, perfect tutor and good adviser. She is an expert of the Russian history and memoirs. She knows much about the styles, epochs and the literary schools. Tatiana Danilova takes a great interest in poetry and she knows many poetical masterpieces by heart. She has got an eye for painting and her private collection includes more than a hundred of the Russian North artists’ canvases. She adores nice cars and drives masterly herself. She likes sports. She is an underwater swimming instructor.


Tatiana Danilova prefers to spend infrequent free hours walking in the woods rather than to stay in the city vanity: in winter she likes skiing, and in summer she likes to walk with a bast basket.




руководитель PR-департамента Global Media


В сфере PR-обеспечения с 2005 г. В течение последних лет активно занимается разработками PR-стратегий различного уровня сложности, организацией рекламных и PR-мероприятий, формированием и контролем за бюджетами рекламных и PR-кампаний. В число приоритетных задач входит обеспечение информационного взаимодействия со средствами массовой информации, организация проведения конференций, семинаров и круглых столов. адмирал 888


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руководитель Информационного департамента Global Media


С отличием закончил филологический факультет Ташкентского государственного университета и факультет журналистики Университета г.Лодзь (Польша).

В сфере журналистики работает с 2002 года. Руководил информационными службами различных ТРК: с 2002 года на ведущей радиостанции Ташкента «Ориат», с 2003 года – на ГТРК Узбекистан, с 2006 года – на радиостанции «Маяк» в Казани. В течение двух лет возглавлял пресс-службу Федерации кикбоксинга Узбекистана. С 2007 года - заместитель директора компании «Диадема» (Москва), в сферу деятельности которой входило управление региональным вещанием радиостанции «Маяк». В 2008 году - редактор информационной службы и диктор радиостанции X FM. С 2009 года - главный менеджер интернет-портала loveradio.ru (работа со звездами российского шоу-бизнеса, приглашение звезд в прямой эфир радиостанции, освещение крупных светских мероприятий).

Отличное знание польского языка.
Страстный болельщик хоккейной команды «Ак-Барс» (КХЛ, Казань).


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руководитель офиса Global Media в Архангельске и Северодвинске


Алексей Петров имеет более чем 7-летний опыт работы политического консультанта, аналитика и специалиста по проведению социологических исследований любого уровня сложности. Алексей Петров, в прошлом офицер Военно-Морского флота России, закончил Военно-морскую академию им. Н.Г. Кузнецова в Санкт-Петербурге, капитан II ранга. В агентстве Global Media возглавляет офис компании в Архангельске и Северодвинске.


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Ivan Danilov The Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Company



The Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Company,
The Head of the Office in Moscow



Since 1995 Mr. Danilov has been working in the analytical, PR and political consulting spheres. He took part in the election campaigns in different levels. In 2000 – 2003 - Head of the Information Department in the Center for Current Politics in Russia. In 2004 he was a councilor to Mamma Mammaev – a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Assistant of the Head of the Committee on defence of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In 2005 - 2007 – concerning the election campaign of deputy in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Mr. Danilov managed the process of a political plan in central office of the Edinaya Rossiya Party. This work included operative and perspective planning of the working process of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation and the Central Election Headquarter (a central headquarter during the election period) of the Edinaya Rossiya Party, its regional election headquarters, and control of the activity of the election process. Mr. Danilov had been working as a councilor in the Informational and Analytical Department of the Central Election Commission of the Edinaya Rossiya Party for three years.


While working in the famous PR agency Pressto Public Communication. DAS Omnicom Group, Mr.Danilov organized important events for international companies FMCG and pharmaceuticals companies. Among his clients are Bayer Schering Pharma, Nycomed Group, JNJ, Dirol Cadbury LLC, EGIS, Sopharma, F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd, Boiron Lab, Microgen and others. His primary responsibilities included communication with main and business mass-media, development of PR and marketing strategies, and organization of advertising and promotion activites.


Since 2009 Mr. Danilov is the Chief Executive Officer of PR and research agency Global Media Company and the managing editor of the National analytical site Pharm-MedExpert.Ru.


Mr. Danilov has a variety of publications in scientific journals and his comments are publicated by main business, social and political media of Russia: RBC, Commersant, Expert, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Novaya Gazeta and leading informational agencies (archive).


Mr. Danilov graduated from Lomonsov Pomor State University with a Red Diploma and graduated from the Russian Academy of State Service at the President of the Russian Federation with a Ph.D. in law. His thesis was entitled “Parliament Mandate in the Russian Federation” and his supervisor was N.Loucin - a Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.


Hobbi: hockey, badminton.


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